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Love Is Art-Shades of Grey

Love Is Art-Shades of Grey

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The perfect mix of Romance and Creativity.

Dominated by a desire to express your love in a more exquisite and exciting way? This commanding Love is Art - Shades of Grey kit captures the artistry and beauty of your intimacy by bringing the canvas to the bedroom.

White and black non-toxic paint takes shape on a white cotton canvas in the form of pure passion. What's left is a striking abstract expressionist painting that leaves a tangible piece of your bond to hang and celebrate for years to come. Makes an original newlywed gift, or an exciting idea to capture an anniversary through a shared masterpiece.

Indulge in two new pleasures and go along with the normal canvas and paint (black and white included to mix up your own hues) this special edition adds a silky blindfold and tie-up so you can dip your toe in the proverbial bondage water. While you and your partner disrobe to create your new artistic masterpiece, introduce a little playful restraint to heat things up even more.

Kit Includes:

Silky black blindfold
10' x 12' plastic painters tarp to protect surfaces from paint splatters
41" x 54" specially treated white cotton canvas
4oz bottle of specially formulated black, organic, non-toxic, washable paint
4oz bottle of specially formulated white, organic, non-toxic, washable paint
Two pairs of disposable slippers
Soft mesh body scrubber