Free Shipping on All Orders $50 and Up


How long does Shipping Take?

$6 Flat rate shipping & Free Shipping: Items will ship within 2 business days via First Class Mail through the United States Postal Service and tracking information will be provided. Items usually arrive within 5 business days. This is not guaranteed.

Where does the item ship from?

Depending on what you order, your package may come from GA, AZ, MI, or CA.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds will be issued for products that are returned unopened and unused in original packaging. Items may be returned to VVP PO Box 773, Tazewell, GA 31803. Intimate items that have been opened or used pose a health and safety risk and therefore cannot be refunded. Also items that are digestible or consumed cannot be refunded. Lingerie will not be refunded under any circumstances. 

Do these pills really work?

We have several clients who have had positive results from female and male enhancement pills. They have reported very favorable results. However everything doesn't work for everybody. There is a possibility that you may not experience the same results as others.  The manufacturers may guarantee results for certain products, but we do not guarantee any results. We encourage you to read the reviews and do your research. Please understand we do not offer refunds for pills that you have taken and have not received the results that you expected.

Is the packaging Discrete?

Yes. Your product is mailed in a brown mailer from VVP. There is no advertisements on the outside of the envelope, and unless you know what VVP stands for, you won't know it's adult in nature.