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Two Thumbs Down!- Satisfyer Layons Sweet Temptation

This ain't it y'all. I was sorely disappointed. It was definitely not for me. It could be for you though. It is feather soft, and ultra comfortable. I love the feel of the material. It's pleasing to the eye, although the close resemblance to an ice cream gives me all the feels of fellatio. I can't help but wanting to put my mouth on it. LOL However, when I put it between my legs, I am utterly dissatisfied. It moves slowly, and is not strong enough to make me cum. It spins around softly as if it's supposed to provide some foreplay. I'm not looking for a toy that gives me foreplay vibes. I prefer toys that give me explosive orgasms with not much effort on my part. This might be useful during partner play. You may enjoy it if there are multiple things going on at the same time, but the cheese can not stand alone or on it's own. If you have any further questions about this vibe check out the question and answer section at the bottom of the product page.

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