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Satisfyer Vibes Magic Bunny

So let me first thank you Satisfyer company for sending me the Satisfyer Vibes Collection for review. I appreciate the opportunity to share with the world my response to your products. I respect your brand, and I don't take this responsibility lightly. Now on to the really good stuff...

So I was in a hurry. I needed to relieve some anxiety, and it didn't dawn on me to masturbate until after I had ordered my food from the Waitr app. So I turned on Pandora to my favorite channel "The Turn Up Radio". Blessings featuring Drake by Big Sean powered out through my speakers. This was the first sign that this Magic Bunny was gonna be a hit! I gently rubbed on some Sliquid Sassy onto my clitoris and around the opening of my vagina. I also added some lube to the tip of the vibrator's shaft. Let me just pause and take a moment to discuss this rabbit's texture. Y'ALL this thang is sooooo damn soft and luxurious! I stood there stroking it in the palm of my hand for a second just enjoying the velvety material. Ok Back to Business, cause time was of the essence. Like I said my lunch was in route. I stood firm with my feet spread wide and planted my toes down in the carpet as I launched the velvety goodness into my wet pussy. It felt thick, and filled my walls up with it's girth. I continued to thrust it, winding, sliding in and out. I increased the speed up three knots. It vibrated through my hands. The handles intensity could use some adjustments, but I was so focused on the pleasure of it all that I didn't mind so much. With the increased speed, the pleasure was so intense i could no longer stand. My knees buckled, so I slid back in a comfortable position on the bed and what happened next caught me off guard. I was able to insert it deeper, and my God I found my G-spot. I felt it as soon as i hit it, and so did my desire. Y'all it was like my Desire left outside of my body and stood over me and said "Harder bitch! Faster bitch! Do that shit! Keep Going!" Now this "imaginary cheerleader" had me talking to myself "aaaaa" "AAAAAAA", "SSSSSSSS" "Shiiiiiiiiit". Then it happened. My legs stiffened up, and the orgasm reigned over my body like a Category 5 hurricane. I lay there in defeat. In love. With my new favorite toy. The Magic Bunny. I love the texture. The size is perfect. The only thing I would change is the clitoral stimulator's arm would be longer, and I'd eliminate the vibration in the hand when you're holding it.


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