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Satisfyer Vibes Charming Smile

The Satisfyer Vibes Collection has a world of options for vaginal play. I chose the Charming Smile vibe for couples play because its less intimidating in terms of size and girth. I didn't want my partner to be intimidated by the anatomy of the toy, and thus result in us not having a positive experience.I chose wisely. It worked. 

Lube is important. It's like the icing on the cake. Cake is good, but frosted cake is simply delectable. For my icing i used Sliquid Swirl Tangerine Peach

Wet kisses on my nipples simultaneously applied while sliding the vibe up and down my vulva. Circling my clit. Around and around. and up and down. Increasing intensity. My back arches. My cheeks stiffen. Then he pulls away. Teasing me. Building up my desire. Firm kisses land on my lips. My legs open wide with anticipation. Yearning, waiting to feel the vibe against my clit again. Instead he penetrates me with it. I feel the rumble of vibe inside of me. It vibrates throughout my vagina, sliding in and out, around and round, painfully slow. Barely tickling my G-spot. Then I feel his slippery wet tongue flickering on my clit. His right hand squeezing my left tit. His left hand guiding the Charming Smile in deeper into my pussy. My eyes are closed. I try to concentrate on every last sensation I'm feeling. My lips fall open. As I succumb to the pleasure, I let out a soft purrrrr. This entices him to take things up a notch. In his excitement he increases the speed of the vibrator 3 times. My purrrr turns into a wine. His penis is hard. Hard-Hard. I feel him inside of me. I hear him moan. I moan as well. The headboard is tapping the wall behind us. Again my back arches, and my butt stiffens. He's pounding me so hard now that I can't catch my breath. I tighten my walls around his penis, signaling him that i'm close to cumming. He rides my body like a highly skilled surfer, until a wave of orgasms overcome my body. I fall flat on my back as i exhale. I'm immobilized. He watches over me with contentment. He says my job is done. With a certain burst of energy and gratitude I pounce on him. I taste my lotion on his manhood. I suck it up like a vacuum cleaner and replace it with my saliva. Saliva. Saliva everywhere. Running down his penis, his testicles, my lips sliding up an and down. Leaving a trail of juices cascading down, then swiftly licking them up with my tongue circling his shaft slowly. He pushes me down on my back. Now he's tasting me again. I hear the vibration of the charming Smile. I feel it on my clit. It's vibrating around the opening of my vagina. He teases me by slightly caressing my insides with the head of the toy. It feels painfully good. I want that thing inside of me. I beg for it. He complies.My moans grow stronger. He muffles me with a pillow in one hand, while he rams me with the Charming Smile in the other. I feel hot, thirsty, helpless. My body surrenders to pleasure. I fall weak. He smiles at me. Charmingly. 

The Good

The size: Long enough to hit the g-spot, girthy enough to fill up the walls

Easy to handle

Smooth & Soft texture

Small, compact, & Strong


Room for Improvement

The contoured tip for clit stimulation isn't effective when it comes to dual stimulation. Perhaps it should stand out more. Because of it's shape you expect that you will have dual stimulation, but it's barely effective.

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