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Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer certainly lives up to it's name. This toy is inherently evil. It is in cahoots with the Orgasm Gods. It will turn you into a fucking junkie. It is everything good and wonderful. I wish I was using it now instead of typing this review. Anyhow here goes...brace yourself

As I lay in my bed in the missionary position poised for masturbation, I press the power button on my toy. The Satisfyer. I'm excited. The name itself is EXCITING!  It's my first toy that uses pressure wave technology. The initial sound is low, which is always a good thing. At first I'm a little confused about which angle is best to hold the toy at, but it's certainly comfortable in my hand. As my arm descends into the warmth of my thighs anticipation creeps up my chest. As the face of the toy begins to roll around my vulva, I feel pleasure every time it makes direct contact with my clitoris. Instinctively I apply pressure on the toy and increase the speed until I reach the 4th speed. I can go no further. At this point, my legs are trembling, I'm anchoring my ass down into the bed, in an attempt to delay my orgasm. I didn't expect it to get so good so fast. I slow the speed down to two, so I can compose myself and hold out longer. Well it works. Speed two helps to slowly build up to a stronger orgasm. With the help of speed two I was able to use my left hand to play with my nipples, as I imagined my partner between my thighs slow kissing my clit. I felt so sweet, but I yearned for more. I was ready to take it to the next level, so I zoomed passed three and went back to the 4th speed. I was in a hurry cause I knew what the end prize was and I couldn't wait for that electrifying orgasm. Level 4 speed had me moaning, shaking, and afraid that I would wet the bed. And I did. It was well worth it. It's been a long time since I completely relinquished my power to a toy. The Satisfyer did not give me an choice. Afterwards I lay in bed pondering what kind of Goddess could possibly make it to Level 11 intensity, and I hoped that I would some day get there myself. It is important to note that the noise does increase with intensity and it's not whisper quiet on the 4th Level. However, the pleasure between your thighs will mute the noise.


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