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Bring the Heat baby with Dragon Cream by Shunga Erotic Art!

He says.....oooooh baby it's sooo warm. I say too warm like in a bad way or do you like it? He says I love it! Bingo! That's all I needed to hear. I was already on top riding, sliding up and down, gyrating my hips around and around. His signal of approval inspired me to try to fuck his brains out. Then...I felt a cooling sensation on my clit. It was glorious. My back arched and I leaned into him as I felt my orgasm explode. I recovered quickly so as to return to favor to my lover, but my body insisted that I cum again, and so I did. The pleasure was overwhelming my will to bring on his rain but once he assured me he was close, I was able to re-focus my energy on pleasing him. I hopped off just in time to finish him with my mouth. His sweet semen erupted in my mouth and took all of him except enough to leave a milk mustache so he could revel in seeing his pleasure on my face. The Dragon Cream lives up to his name. It made my pussy a warm intoxicating cave for my lover, and it gave my clit the extra sensitivity I needed to have multiple orgasms without any extra work on my part. It tastes good. It works great as a hand job cream and a blow job cream as well. The bottle is large enough that I will last a long time.  I would definitely use it over and over again.

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