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Satisfyer Men Vibration with Heat - Reviewed & Written by Sir. Johnstone Mckinney, III

Upon it's arrival, I was impressed with the sleek packaging of my latest "boy toy." For me, the name "Playboy" was clearly the great qualifier for the greatness that was to be unpacked from this impressive  package. 
After unpacking, I found a peculiar looking item that looked more like a Bluetooth speaker than a sex toy. Smooth and unique are words that come to mind when describing the Empfehlung's design. It's hard plastic outer cover and silicone interior makes for a great combination of sturdy and comfort. 

Boasting of 70 speed and vibration combinations, the Satisfyer packs enough variety for the most creative of users. Additionally, it has the ability to warm up to 104 degrees and it's waterproof.
Personal feedback:
My initial thought was that is both shallow and narrow, but I then remembered the Theotis Ealy song, "let me put the head in it," so used Bucked's Wrangler masturbation cream and struggled to slide my man part inside. While I'm not exceptional by any stretch of the imagination, this was uncomfortable even after using any excessive amount of lubricant. 
Upon my arrival inside, I was able to discover an endless amount of vibrations and speeds. Upon activating the heat option, I could feel the intensity getting stronger, unfortunately the extreme tightness overshadowed what might have been an amazing experience.
 In concept, this is a great idea, but in lack of and internal length (3-4 inches) and the extreme lack of girth overshadow the creativity and unique design. 
 This might be a great gift for a smaller man, but for the average or larger brother, this will only provide discomfort and frustration.

> -- Sir. Johnstone Mckinney, III