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Xpander X4+ Expert - Medium

Xpander X4+ Expert - Medium

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Born from its award-winning principle, the Xpander unites the latest technologies of material and design for a man's sexual fulfillment. No other product on the market offers a reduction of its volume by 50% to expand to stimulation size once inserted. This unique design, along with an anti-bacterial material that is compatible with all lubricants is made with love and care in Germany.

Entirely new dimensions of prostate stimulation are unveiled in the X4+ thanks to the addition of a vibrating bullet. The Xpander design is united with the latest vibration technology to create an overwhelming Xpander effect. Bullet vibe includes five levels.

  • Small: 3.74" x 1.88" x 1.65" (1" compressed)
  • Medium: 4.13" x 1.88" x 1.81" (1.06" compressed)
  • Large: 4.52" x 1.88" x 1.96" (1.14" compressed)