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Warm Toy Warmer And Case

Warm Toy Warmer And Case

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WARM™ is the only heat-based bedroom accessory created with the sole purpose of safely and effectively warming up your intimacy products for ignited sensual experiences.

— Tender Technology™ is safe for use with all types of pleasure products — including battery-operated and rechargeable
— average warming time 15-20 minutes
— sophisticated design allows WARM ™ to discreetly heat your products while out in plain sight on a nightstand or bathroom counter

Product Details
  • ColorsBlack
  • Materials
    Vegan Leather

— Tender Technology™ Is Safe For Use With All Types Of Pleasure Products Including Battery-operated And Rechargeable
— Average Warming Time 15-20 Minutes
— Sophisticated Design Allows WARM ™ To Discreetly Heat Your Products While Out In Plain Sight On A Nightstand Or Bathroom Counter
— Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty