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Sincerely Lace Double Strap Handcuffs

Sincerely Lace Double Strap Handcuffs

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The Lace Double Strap Handcuffs offer beauty without compromising on durability.

Explore the softness of a padded cuff with the firmness of a double buckle closure.

The lace pattern on the fabric has a realistic look, but is silky smooth and feels great against the skin.

Pair with your favorite spreader bar or attach to a headboard for fun fantasy play!

Adjustable buckles and straps makes wearing and removal simple yet secure.

Cuff length is 10 inches (25.4cm) and width is 2.5 inches (6.35cm).

Ingredients: 31% polyurethane, 31% polyethylene, 25% polyester, 13% nickel free metal