Satisfyer Layons Sweet Temptations Treat Spinnators

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This pleasure-bringer will satisfy you like a cool sundae on a hot summer's day and satiate your cravings. With our Spinnator Sweet Treat, delicate ribs made of soft, silicone lamellae, rotate and pleasure the clitoris with a completely new sensation. Use this tender treat with your favorite lubricant and settle into a stimulating journey of ecstasy.

SAT_Feature-Icons_32-5mm-14F9PzbEVst9QVf  The rotating ribs provide gentle and simultaneously intense stimulation of the clitoris
 SAT_Feature-Icons_32-5mm-19  The body-friendly silicone is not only smooth to the touch, but is also particularly hygienic
  SAT_Feature-Icons_32-5mm-11           Thanks to its waterproof (IPX7) finish, the toy can be used safely in the water or cleaned under running water
- 15-year guarantee - Clitoral stimulation through rotating lamellae
- Body-friendly silicone - Waterproof (IPX7)
- 10 intensive rotation settings - Whisper mode
- Rechargeable Li-ion battery - Easy to clean
- Magnetic USB charging cable included