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Rhino Blue 6K
Rhino Blue 6K

Rhino Blue 6K

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"Special Edition Rhino Blue 6K premium supplement helps maximize penis length, width and stamina, increase the volume of ejaculate, prevent premature ejaculation and stimulate rock hard erections.

Fast acting and long lasting. Each Blue 6K capsule contains the proprietary, natural herbal blend that Rhino is world famous for. Includes one maximum strength capsule. Help maximize the time of intercourse, minimize premature ejaculation and experience rock hard erections with Rhino Blue 6K.

Take one capsule one hour before sex to help boost energy, libido, and sexual performance. Rhino Blue 6K can also be used on a regular basis to promote optimal condition of readiness before sex. For best results, take Rhino Blue 6K one hour apart from taking other supplements or medication. Does not cause headaches. Lasts for up to 7 days. Made in USA. Use only as directed."

Available as a 1ct pill pack or a 6ct bottle

*Please keep in mind the varying opinions and reviews in the adult novelty and intimacy enhancement industry and know that what works for some may not work the same for others.  Items for ingestion or items that have been personally or intimately used are non-refundable. 

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